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So I was looking for Adam Sandlers “I Feel Pretty” bit from the movie Anger Management (cuz it always gets me in a good mood) and I found Sophie Milman. Nice.

04 9 / 2008

Another online distraction

Elite security robot #1: Halt! No, I said halt, not “run away”!
Elite security robot #2: Maybe they didn’t understand. Say it again!

- Silly scene from Gunnerkrigg Court, an online webcomic with curious creatures and a curiouser story.

08 6 / 2008

This is so funny.

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05 6 / 2008

An episode from The Moth Podcast; Adam Gopnik, LOL, wherein a middle-aged father learns to laugh out loud.

(Adam Gopnik is a staff writer for The New Yorker and the author of the best-selling essay collections, Through the Children’s Gate and Paris to the Moon. Music by Chris Webb.)

This is one of my favourite Moth Podcast so far, mainly because it made me and the friends I’ve forced it on to literally laugh out loud wherever we were at.

Also, Adam Gopnik shared that the reason he thinks IM is so popular among the youths is that it allows them (us) to form many loose connections with others. We all want to connect to other people, but not quite connecting fully.

Which probably explains the popularity of Plurk amongst the current twits. And as Darryl recently wrote, Plurk allows for more conversations, many-people-to-many.

And with such an adorable user interface (I must be one of the few who actually likes the timeline), I couldn’t help but jump onto the Plurk bandwagon. Click away to http://www.plurk.com/user/tinana.

If you want to sign up, using this link automatically makes your my friend.

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What time is it? Adventure Time!

From http://www.buenothebear.com/

03 6 / 2008

This song makes me giggle so much.

Boy: Hey you’re noticing all these other chicks. Maybe… you are a lesbian
Girl: I wish I was a lesbian.
Boy (thinking): You mean, you wish you were a lesbian. 

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Please test the game! Email me with feedback!

omg. This game is addictive. Friends, let’s have a match together sometime.

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Exploring EffinFunny.com.

I never tire of funny Indians.