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Hey, Sherlockians—want to play a game? A slightly nutty and obsessive but who are we kidding, that’s what we’re here for game?

Reichenbach A to Z

It’s been a week since The Reichenbach Fall aired. Fans have nearly wrung the episode dry looking for clues and hints about how Sherlock survived. There are a billion theory fragments out there, but they still need to be put together.

Are you brave enough to try? If so, let’s hear your complete theory of what happened from the beginning to the end of Sherlock’s plan to cheat death.


  1. Make it as complete as you can. Try not to cheat and leave big gaps in the theory. Even if it means filling holes with things like Sherlock sliding down the neck of a feral giraffe.
  2. The point isn’t to be right, but rather to just be fearless and go for it. So don’t be wishy-washy. Instead of saying “and then this happened, or maybe this, or possibly that” just choose your favorite alternative and act like it’s the definitive truth.
  3. You can write your theory, draw it, use screenshots, act it out with puppets… anything that makes you happy.
  4. Tag your theory post with #REICHENBACH A TO Z so the rest of us can find it.


If I am going to ask people to do silly things, naturally I know I must be willing to go first. So you’ll find my best attempt at replicating my current Reichenbach headcanon in the photoset above. Some of the points are based on what I think is solid logic. Others are probably more about what I wish was true. And I expect even in a best-case scenario there’s quite a lot wrong or missing, because that’s just how these things go. But I did my best to follow my own rule and treat every point of the theory as if it were definitely correct.

Some of my ideas are… non-standard… so here’s a reference list of other posts and reblogs from my Tumblr which explain some of the sub-theories more fully:

So that’s what I think happened. For now. Until somebody else plays the game and convinces me otherwise.

Or if nobody else wants to play, I’ll just stand over here feeling awkward wrong brave.

I know I already reblogged this once, but it didn’t have the glorious Reichenbach A to Z plan at the bottom! So if you already saw finalproblem’s excellent photoset, read the above and make your own!

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